How to upload mods to Steam Workshop?

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  • You should have a mod folder that is ready for upload.
  • You must be connected to Steam. Run Steam and ensure that you're online.


  1. Run Academia: School Simulator game. It's best to run this in windowed mode so you can easily switch between different programs.
  2. On the title screen, click Mods.
  3. Click on Develop tab. This is where you can edit your mods' information. You can also subscribe to the mod, and upload or update the mod on Steam Workshop.
  4. Specify the full path of your root folder.
  5. Click Load. This will list the subfolders of the root folder on the left side. Each one is considered as a separate mod.
  6. Click on the mod that you wish to upload. This will show the mod's details - the preview image, name, and description.
  7. To change the preview image, you have to manually edit or replace PreviewImage.png found on the mod's folder. You can then click Reload to reload the image.
  8. You can specify a different name on the Name field. The name specified here will be the one used in Steam Workshop when uploaded.
  9. Specify the detailed description of the mod. This will be the description that will be shown on Steam Workshop. Write enough details for other players to evaluate your mod.
  10. Click Upload. This will upload your mod to Steam Workshop.
  11. To check that the mod was really uploaded:
    • Go to Steam.
    • Hover your mouse on your user name right beside Community then select Content.
    • Click on Workshop Items tab.
    • This page shows all your uploaded mods. It will take around 5-10 minutes for the mod to be displayed here so be patient. Just keep on refreshing. If you see your mod, then that means it was successfully uploaded.
    • You can click on the mod's preview image and it will take you to the details of the mod. In here, you can edit the name and description of the mod. You can also add images and videos that showcase your mod.


  • The Uploaded button is only clickable if your mod has not been uploaded yet. Once uploaded, the Upload button will be disabled and Update button will be enabled. From here on, you can only update your mod.
  • There's no separate field to specify the version of your mod. Instead, you can specify this on the description or on the name of the mod.
  • When a mod is uploaded, a file named WorkshopItemInfo.xml would be generated under the mod folder. Do not lose or delete this file. This is used internally by Steam.

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