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Before you can make your mods, you need to setup your mod development folder.

  1. Create a new folder in your computer. Name it anything you want "Mods", "AcademiaMods", "MyMods", etc. The main use of this folder is it will contain all your mod folders. Each subfolder under this root folder is considered as a separate mod. This will be used later to upload your mods to Steam Workshop.
  2. Download this zipped base mod folder. Extract it to your chosen root mod folder. If say your root folder is at C:/Mods, the extracted folder should be at C:/Mods/Academia Mod Folder.
  3. Rename "Academia Mod Folder" to the name of your mod. For example, if your desired mod name is "Anime Characters", the folder structure should now be C:/Mods/Anime Characters.
  4. The base mod folder should contain the following folders and files:
  5. PreviewImage.png will be the image that represents your mod. Change it to a more appropriate image that is representative of your content. Keep the image size at 512x512 and use PNG format. You can do this later.

After doing these steps, you are ready to make your mod.


  • Every subfolder in your chosen root folder is considered a mod. This means that you can maintain multiple mods in the same root folder. You can download the base mod folder again and rename it to another mod.
  • All files that are used in a mod should go under that mod's folder.

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