How to install map mods?

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Map or school mods are just like any other mods in Steam Workshop. We just placed a separate section for such mods in the game so it's easier to locate them.


  1. In main menu, click on "Mods".
  2. In Mods panel, click on the "Browse Maps" tab.
  3. When you find a map you want to download, click on the plus sign to subscribe. The map will now be downloaded.
  4. When the map has been downloaded, click on the Subscribed tab.
  5. Find the map, and click on the check button next to it. Click on Apply. You will be ask to restart the game.
  6. After restarting the game, on the main menu, click on the load game button.
  7. In the Load Game panel, click on the Subscribed tab. You should now see your subscribed map!