How to make a language mod?

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  1. Download the Localization Tool. Extract it to your preferred location. You're going to use this tool to enter your translations and export the file that's going to be the content for your mod. (These links point to a Dropbox page. Click Download at the top right to download the zip file.)
  2. The documentation of the tool can be found in the Localization Tool's folder. You can also access it here. Read this documentation to get to know how to use the tool.
  3. The game's texts are kept in an XML file that can be opened by the tool. It can be found at...
    • If your Windows OS is 64 bit: {Academia Install Folder}/Academia64_Data/StreamingAssets/BaseGame/Data/EnglishMaster.xml.
    • If your Windows OS is 32 bit: {Academia Install Folder}/Academia_Data/StreamingAssets/BaseGame/Data/EnglishMaster.xml.
    • Follow this guide to locate the game's installation folder.
  4. Open the Localization Tool.
  5. Click Load Master List and browse to the EnglishMaster.xml location described above.
  6. At this point, you've only loaded the master file. You need a translation file for your translations. Click New Translation.
  7. Enter an appropriate file name. For example "AcademiaSpanish.xml", "Deutch.xml", "KittyStudiosThai.xml", etc.
  8. Select the language you are translating into.
  9. Click Confirm.

  10. Browse to the Language folder of the mod folder that you've set up. Save the translation file in this folder.

  11. Now you can begin your translation. Check the manual for the usage. Save your work often.


  • You only need to browse the master file once. The application will automatically load the last loaded master file when opening the software anew. The last translation file that you've worked with will also be loaded.
  • Click on any of the categories if you're not seeing terms.

Bug Report or Comments

  • Report bugs or give comments about the tool through this form. Share your ideas on how it can be improved.

Testing Your Translation

  1. The translation file should be saved under the Language folder of your mod. Transfer it to this folder if you've saved the translation somewhere else.
  2. You can test your language mod by following the steps in How to test mods?
    • You only need to do this once. From here on, the game will automatically install your mod on start up, thus using your translations.
    • You can revert back to English by unticking your mod in Subscribed tab, click Apply again and restart the game.
  3. When you subscribe to your language mod locally, it will appear under Subscribed Languages in Subscribed tab. It was done this way because only one language should be selected at a time.

Upload to Steam Workshop

  1. Before uploading to Steam Workshop, add a "language" tag to your mod in Develop tab of the Mods panel. This is important because this will allow your mod to be displayed in the Language tab. If you forgot to do this, you can still upload but your mod will only appear in the Browse tab which contains other mods. Your mod will be harder to find.
  2. Follow the steps here to upload your mod.


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